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A captive audience of up to 10,000 spectators at a single event.

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SilverVision at Halifax Metro Centre

SilverVision is the system that runs the four-sided LED screen centre-hung clock at the heart of Halifax Metro Centre arena.

It broadcasts all the in-game action, instant replays, spontaneous fan reactions, and 15 or 30 second commercials during live events.

The SilverVision control room and editing suite are located in the Halifax Metro Centre.

Why use Silvervision?

Guaranteed Audience
The clock's central position means that your product or service gets front row attention by up to 10,000 spectators at a single event. The clock is the go-to source for information on scores, time remaining, replays, contests, and rally cries to cheer on the team.


Your existing TV commercial--once converted into AVI format--can be quickly and easily inserted into broadcast rotation. Even raw footage, still photographs, and text can be masterfully blended by our in-house editing team to produce an informative and exciting new ad.

Clear broadcast quality on 10' by 12' LED screens; an arena-wide audio system; and the ability to broadcast live in HMC and around the world via webcast or fibre-optic link make SilverVision a natural forerunner in the event coverage industry. Our capabilities include a full service, on-site editing suite and our hardware and software programs are upgraded on an annual basis.

Team Knowledge
Our production team operates with a combined 40 years of industry experience. Production, graphic design, editing, and directing are staples of our team's successful history.

You will know exactly when, how often, and during which event your ad broadcasts.

What Silvervision offers

Live Event Production
Headquartered from our on-site broadcast control room, SilverVision offers live in-house or televised event coverage. We also provide camera support for corporate functions and media conferences.

In-House Editing
Our state-of-the-art editing suite can service all video and graphic design requests. Production assistance for TV advertising is also available.

Silvervision Equipment and file formats


  • Newtek VT-5 Non-Linear edit suite, Final Cut Pro with Motion Graphics, Lightwave 3-D animation builder, Adobe After Effects
  • Sony DSR 40 & DSR 1000 DVCam Decks
  • 4 Sony D - 30 Broadcast Cameras, Sony HD-DVCAM
  • 6 Digital Disk Recorders

File Formats

  • WMV, MPEG, AVI, Quicktime, Power Point, DVD, DVCAM, HD-DVCAM, PNG, ASF, WAV, and MP3

Daktronics ProStar LED Video Display
We also offer video production on our outdoor LED screen, facing the corner of Brunswick and Duke streets.

  • Screen dimensions : 8'5" X 14'5"
  • 21, 504 total pixels
  • 23 mm pixel pitch
  • HD compatible
  • Preferred file format - Uncompressed .avi

Danny Bursey
Production Manager & Sales
(902) 421-1302 Ext. 2289